EU-Size License Plate

There are cities in Germany where they do not allow US Size Number Plates. There is a EU-Sized Number Plate with DMC Style offered by James Russel Grant in UK. The Bezel is made of alminium and it must be painted by yourself. The expert recommends to use a special ground color for Aluminium before spraying with black.

The Bezel does not get mounted like the original Plastik part, but instead it got fix mounted thread pins which get fixed with a nut inside the Fascias. To get inside the fascias you need to unmount both rear lamps and the number plate lamps. There is also a (Description in PDF).

For adding the upper nuts, you need some sensible fingertip work. If a nut or wrench falls down, you can loose those within the fascias. Mabe you secure the wrench with a rope.

Here some pictures about it:

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