Why this WIKI?

It seems there is no technical information lost about this car, but you can get lost in the forums while searching and finding specific issues. Beside of that the best practical knowlege you can get is in the heads of specialists. When it comes to filing technical information I prefer a WIKI to all static media like old Forum-threads, Mails, DVD, etc, because its easy to add content, you always edit for enhancement and your changes are getting shared immediately.

Why this car?

Why the hell you would drive a Delorean - a question I received frequently. First there is the emotional reasons, then you get all technical information from a great and warm community and all the parts are affordable. Once you went through the well known delorean restauration issues, you get a daily driver which performs like a typical car of the eighties. Then you only maintain it like a typical car of the eighties. John Z. Delorean wanted to develop a unique, safe and lasting sportscar and after all this is what we can celebrate. The stainless covered GFK is lasting forever, although you have to keep an eye on the rusting metal parts like frame, stearing and suspension. It's over 30 years old, so you get all the advantages of a car with oldtimer status in Germany. Why this car - well its just cool, you know :-)

What do you find here?

This is still my private collection so dont expect completeness or expert quality. In 'Maintanance' there is information about typical car maintenance. The 'Mechatronic' section collects information for restoration and repair. Under 'VIN3588' I share the log about most of the restoration and repair of my own car, but it's in German. The 'LINKS' section leads to other sites, which I use frequently.
You can send a mail (balthasar.nebel@gmx.de) and ask me for a login account in order to get access to the 'FILES' section, which is a directory of all used and maybe even more files.
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