Eyebrow Fix

(Original text and pictures by Jai Johnston)

DeLorean front fascias are very bad about warping just above the high beams. This gives the car eyebrows and makes the car have a confused look. Fixing the fascia is not to hard to fix though. With just a few basic tools and a little time you can have your front fascia back to being straight.

Step 1 - Remove the headlights and front grill

The headlights are just held in with a few Phillips screws. Be sure to also remove the headlight buckets as well. This will help in positioning the Eyebrow bars. The front grill simply snaps on. Take your time and pop off the grill from side to side.

Once removed we can see that this fascia has typical warping just above the high beam:

Step 2 - Gluing on the reinforcement bars

The reinforcement bars a just simple metal bars about 14" long, ¾" wide, and 3/16" thick. You should be able to pick up this metal stock at any metal shop, but I chose to order mine pre-cut from Special T Automotive. Test fit the bar a few times prior to gluing.

You want to make sure that when the glue is applied that you get the bar in the correct location:

Once ready, apply a bead of the 3M windshield adhesive to the bar and position it as needed. The bar need to be as far forward in the fascia as possible. The headlights use all of the room in the top part of the fascia, so be sure to leave them room.

Step 3 - Clamping it down

The next step is quite simple. You need to clamp the reinforcement bar into place. Placing a wooden block on top of the fascia straightens it out more and give a place to attach the C-clamps with out marring the paint. Note: this fascia is in need a new paint job, so additional protection might be needed if the paint is in good condition. Once everything is lined up, clamp it down with a few C-clamps. Let the glue set according the directions.

Clamp it down:

Here another picture which shows same attempt with an unconnected fascias (a different size of the bar was used here):
EyeBrow Straightner Installation 3 27 Sep 2003.JPG

Step 4 - Reinstall the headlights and front grill

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