Door Panel

Door Panel Removal

Using a long screwdriver, with the window down carefully pry up the "fir tree" clips along the top edge, working from the outside through the
open window. Once it is lifted out, remove the escutcheon plate from around the door latch and lock levers by carefully lifting it up and
forward while holding the inner door release up. Then remove the mirror switch (or blank plate on RH side).

Then ignoring what the shop manual says, reach down to the two 10mm bolts that hold the grab handle bracket with a socket and extension and remove them - much easier than trying to remove the two horizontal phillips head screws. Pry off the rest of the fir trees, remove the screws at the top edge of the lower panel (only the ones actually holding it in) and remove it.

Helpful hints - Make up a stout cord with a hooked nail in one end and several spaced loops on the other. By hooking the nail in one of the inner door panel holes and one of the loops on the latch striker pin, you can put the door at various heights while working in or on it. Another hint - get one of those adjustable bars that Harbor Freight or similar places sell that is intended to go across a pickup bed to hold loads in Makes a perfect strut to prop the door open while working on it.

Darryl Tinnerstet
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