Binnacle Pin Connections

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(Original pictures and text by Elvis and 6549, 02.01.2004)

Binnacle Front (has been mirrored, to illustrate the backside positions).


Pin Function Description
1 High Beam +12V switched, GND from X2_17
2 Illumination left side +12V switched from Rheostat GND from X2
3 +12V From Fuse #5
4 Fuel Gauge Fuel Sender connects to GND
5 Break Bulb GND switched
6 Fuel Bulb GND switched
7 Battery Bulb GND switched
8 Oil Bulb GND switched
9 +12V Like Pin 3
10 Lambda Bulb +12V switched
11 Oil Pressure Gauge Pressure Sender connects to GND
12 Tacho Signal From Ignition ECU and Coil
13 GND
14 Blinker Right +12V switched
15 Illumination right side +12V switched from Rheostat
16 Low Beam +12V switched

Connector X2

Pin Function Description
17 GND
18 Temperature Sensor Temp Sensor connects to GND
19 Seatbelt Bulb GND switched
20 +12V Like Pin 3 and 9
21 Door Bulb GND switched
22 Blinker Left +12V switched

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