Angle Drive Lubrication

Angle drives should be lubricated at least once a year with SAE 80 or 90 gear oil (dont use Gease), preferably at every oil change.

The angle drive is also referred to as the 90° speedometer adaptor in the DeLorean documentation, Part #106130.
The angle drive is mounted on a large nut behind the front left wheel. A long, flexible spindle with a squared head runs through the wheel and into a squared hole in a small plastic dust cap. When the wheel turns, the dust cap spins the angle drive's spindle. This motion is then rotated 90° through a set of gears to the lower speedometer cable, which runs through the firewall and into the Lambda counter, and finally the speedometer itself via the upper speedometer cable.

The original DeLorean angle drives have a screw on the bottom for lubrication. You need to disconnect the lower speedometer cable so you can rotate the angle drive and remove the screw.

See the screw on top of this unmounted Angle drive:
AD and Nut assy.jpg

Take care when you mount back the speedometer cable, because you can break the wreath of the nut if you do not set it perfect straight in.

The newer angle drives from DeLorean Motor Company have a grease fitting (mabe someone can add a picture here), allowing the angle drive to be lubricated with a standard grease gun. The lower speedometer cable does not need to be disconnected on this model.
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